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The Wombs that shape us – the created nation

never left a womb but we transfer from one womb to another. In essence, with all changes in the world, humans are constantly born and re-born. ‎A good name is the word used in vain by the “Christian” community. Being BORN AGAIN. This is when you have decided to be …

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Africans Must Look out for Themselves

There will come a time when Africans will be economically irrelevant to the Europeans with the automation systems coming very fast. With the illusion of inclusion, they have managed all this time we have lived in fantasies, to find ways and perfect their systems. The red indians in America were …

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Identity Crisis – Stuck in the Wilderness

The first law of nature is the survival of an animal’s own and secure what is needed for the next generation. Be it in water, land or air, that’s a principle for every living animal in the world. Nature is a reflection of how to live. The black nation instead …

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