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Caught up in Self-hatred – The love out of hatred

Politics and Religion are two different things but of the same calibre. Politicians used religion to capture Africa. These are tools people are so obsessed with but they are like any other drug to escape reality. Most churches don’t preach about nationhood and the history of how the modern day …

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The Devil’s Incarnates -Slave Markets

The ancestors of the previous ENSLAVERS reincarnated in their living descendants. We know how Africa has found itself adopting foreign religions. It was not out of love but through slaughter. Adapt or die. We have African Spirituality then we have alien religions and each religion is not just a religion …

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Ignored Media Symbolism and Alien Arrogance

When someone has been made to forget history, they forget every aspect of themselves such as how their ancestors used to conquer their enemies and how they arranged their systems for survival to the next generations. Take two Eskimos one with experience and one without any experience. A new Eskimo …

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