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Spiritual Poverty in Religion

Religion has produced cowards. It teaches people to be comfortable with oppression or any other wrongs. This is the reason churches are not involved in social transformation in their communities. This is an institution that used to be revolutionary. Even Jesus was revolutionary and pharisees never liked him. Dogs only …

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Africa, The Sleeping Giant

While the Europeans, Asians, Arabs and other nations are building their systems to advance their own interests, the black man carries their loot while singing “we are marching over to Jerusalem” while failing to realize they are being written off from any economic systems. We have to understand that the …

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Government for all?

We all know illegal mining is dangerous. However there is a massive problem with the South African leadership. Be it Anc, be it Da or any party. Take for example, you will be funded for dancing. You will be funded for singing. You will be funded to participate in sports. …

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