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The Failed Africa

Behavior can be manipulated through rewards. Rewards are a form of control as much as punishment. Positive re-enforcement are the the good things such as houses, wealth etc. “I will give you wealth and all the riches if you say you don’t care about color and you should see yourself …

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Owning and Personalising God

The concept of God is not for a human mind to grasp for people to be divided because of what name to call God. Limiting the number of names to what has been written in books and to certain languages is to limit God to what he can do. It …

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Politics blinds Africa’s reality

Take a moment and think about South Africa and the whole of Africa as a corporation.Take this country as a bank. A Mega Bank. Foreign countries plant billions and billions of dollars, euros, yens and any currencies you could think of and in turn they gain trillions of rands back …

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