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A dividing tool – Religion

The one thing that religion has managed is to divide people. It’s one group of “believers” against the others. The Christians think they are better than the Muslims. The Muslims think their God is the one true God. The born agains (western based churches) against the Traditional African based churches. …

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Owning and Personalising God

The concept of God is not for a human mind to grasp for people to be divided because of what name to call God. Limiting the number of names to what has been written in books and to certain languages is to limit God to what he can do. It …

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Spiritual Poverty in Religion

Religion has produced cowards. It teaches people to be comfortable with oppression or any other wrongs. This is the reason churches are not involved in social transformation in their communities. This is an institution that used to be revolutionary. Even Jesus was revolutionary and pharisees never liked him. Dogs only …

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