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Rewriting History – Re-stealing Africa

We are at a point where everyone is claiming origins in Africa. We have been everywhere in the world as the oldest people created by God yet we don’t claim any countries as ours. Everything in life has context. It is very important to look at time, place and purpose. …

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The Failed Africa

Behavior can be manipulated through rewards. Rewards are a form of control as much as punishment. Positive re-enforcement are the the good things such as houses, wealth etc. “I will give you wealth and all the riches if you say you don’t care about color and you should see yourself …

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Politics blinds Africa’s reality

Take a moment and think about South Africa and the whole of Africa as a corporation.Take this country as a bank. A Mega Bank. Foreign countries plant billions and billions of dollars, euros, yens and any currencies you could think of and in turn they gain trillions of rands back …

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Africa, The Sleeping Giant

While the Europeans, Asians, Arabs and other nations are building their systems to advance their own interests, the black man carries their loot while singing “we are marching over to Jerusalem” while failing to realize they are being written off from any economic systems. We have to understand that the …

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Government for all?

We all know illegal mining is dangerous. However there is a massive problem with the South African leadership. Be it Anc, be it Da or any party. Take for example, you will be funded for dancing. You will be funded for singing. You will be funded to participate in sports. …

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The Devil’s Incarnates -Slave Markets

The ancestors of the previous ENSLAVERS reincarnated in their living descendants. We know how Africa has found itself adopting foreign religions. It was not out of love but through slaughter. Adapt or die. We have African Spirituality then we have alien religions and each religion is not just a religion …

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Africans Must Look out for Themselves

There will come a time when Africans will be economically irrelevant to the Europeans with the automation systems coming very fast. With the illusion of inclusion, they have managed all this time we have lived in fantasies, to find ways and perfect their systems. The red indians in America were …

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