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Rewriting History – Re-stealing Africa

We are at a point where everyone is claiming origins in Africa. We have been everywhere in the world as the oldest people created by God yet we don’t claim any countries as ours. Everything in life has context. It is very important to look at time, place and purpose.
As Dr Umar Johnson mildly puts it, “The white man is brilliant,he spent 400 years sacking the planet through genocide & slavery and has spent the past 100 years recasting himself as a hero of the free world by “fixing” problems of war, crime & poverty all created as a result of his self-centered politics, amazing”
A few weeks ago, a new statue of Nefertiti, an Egyptian, AFRICAN queen was uncovered and she was painted to look “Caucasian” and as I look today, a new discovery has been made in Europe about a certain Cheddar Man Skeleton, that’s been scientifically re-built to show the features of the person who walked around Europe 10000 years ago and it turns out he was black. However at first, when they discovered him,  he was white. As we are singing the unity songs, they are hard at work re-arranging history and stealing our ancestors, demonizing those who were against them. These discoveries are proof enough to say the Europeans have never changed and it’s so unfortunate, we have no intelligence about them as they have about us, what we are doing and how we are doing it.
Just like the fact we know the home of spirituality is in Africa but the European version of the bible demonizes Africa and stole the true African  leaders to Jewish and other nations who had no connection to spirituality whatsoever.

This is the point where African scholars have to rise or in a century from now, history books will be saying Africa, the continent rich with everything to live  was for Europeans and real Africans will be made to seem to belong to Europe. How long are we going to be so comfortable letting other people write our history?

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