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The Wombs that shape us – the created nation

never left a womb but we transfer from one womb to another. In essence, with all changes in the world, humans are constantly born and re-born.

‎A good name is the word used in vain by the “Christian” community. Being BORN AGAIN. This is when you have decided to be shaped by mainly the church and the bible and most times, it’s not guaranteed if you are a follower of truth or just an individual seeking motivation. I mean when you are living a Godly way of which we know God is love and one of the qualities of someone who has love is Truth, therefore you stand against injustices and most traditional churches are not doing that.

When a child is born, it is shaped and influenced by the experiences of the ancestors from both families (mother and father). Yes, the dead are not as dead as we think they are but their souls interact with the living on our daily lives and this is the part where it is very important to know your history as to who are your ancestors, what were their experiences, their achievements, their failures, as when you grow up, more often, history catches up and you become a puzzlement to yourself with your changing behaviors and living elders are able to tell you these were the characteristics of so and so who died a long time ago. It then becomes easy for the child to know how to navigate life with the help of the elders who are able to steer the child away from the same demise that had faced their ancestors.

As soon as the baby is born, it comes onto the same womb as the mother. These wombs comes in different forms especially the culture the mother lives in, the family and the society. We live in societies that are faced with identity crisis, fear, unemployment, broken families etc and when you are caught up in such a situations it becomes hard to plan for the collective good of the community and in turn everyone looks after their individual selves. Take for example, an unemployed mother who has to hustle everyday to get food, raise funds to take her children to school, hustle for cosmetics to build her superficial beauty and everything else a modern woman would want to have. Some mothers would have to be gone for days away from the children and in turn the mindset as the child grows older, especially girls, they would find reasons themselves to be away from home. And if the mother is seen around with different men, be it friends or colleagues, as a young boy growing, he looses respect for every woman hence he will see them as trashy. We see it in movies, music videos with nudity as the women who hustle hard using sexuality, they would never be ashamed of their bodies and in turn, with the help of the media, these behaviors are perpetuated to seem as normal however in the long run, they cause harm to the society.

When you look at the media, we see characters such as “Zodwa Wabantu” and on her shadow is her fan “Skolopad”. As you go further, then appears another gay guy copying Zodwa’s dress code daring the other to the dance floor. As you go to the pages of Sowetan, you find articles such as “Somizi’s first time with a man” and then Daily Sun, “Artist looking for naked dancers” and they would be paid to appear on the videos. When you look at their associations with media people, such as those newspapers, radio stations and their promotional agencies, you have to ask yourself, what has changed that what was a taboo few years ago is now allowed on our television screens and papers? What is the agenda by these media houses?
With those questions in mind, it should be clear that the intention is to pattern new cultures and demoralize their target market – the youth. With their market researches throughout all communities, these media platforms have further learned that in order to sell, they have to sell bad news therefore immorality, corruption, propaganda becomes the order of the day and we say, “so and so does it, why can’t I do it?”. Then as a nation caught up in self-hatred, identity crisis, we support the same people who sponsor these “brain-damaged” individuals to damage the future of our nation. Only the time we can stop this is when we stand up against any of the media houses and say “not in our name” that they will learn to come with new strategies to market themselves without any image of a black person being tarnished.

The child then comes to the schooling system and it is often a Western-culture based womb. You had taught your child values according to your family then the child meets this new environment of which we always try to separate it from politics but the deeper you go, dissecting piece by piece you discover it is also politics. Now the children are being dumbed by studying European education and know each and every white hero of how they conquered other nations and often, their books make you think Columbus or whoever was a hero for all over the world but that is nothing to do with other nations. And then if it was their ancestor who conquered yours, you get misdirected to think it happened to someone else with no impact to your current situation. The schools then perpetuate European worship while your own heroes are seen as those who had stopped the great progress done by the West. Our schooling system is based on the European psychology and nothing on African psychology. For a white child whose parents already have everything, their education is conservative to keep hold of what their ancestors reserved a long time ago, therefore for an African child to be studying the same as the white child, it is an education to assist Europeans to succeed and we just hand them our resources. It means then our education must be restructured to be revolutionary as to get hold of our own resources and distribute the wealth to the next generation. It has to be an education that solves our own problems. The indoctrination is put as above all truths and you are not allowed to question if it’s really true or not. It all starts on the bible as religion is an extension of education. The Egyptians (black) being portrayed as the en-slavers of the Israelites, you cannot question that. The cursed black nation, you cannot confirm if it’s true or not however with their cultures, what the Caucasians have now claimed to be illegal, was once legal.

Often, we look at politics as something that is out there somewhere where the politicians tear each other apart for a piece of the pie but in actual fact, they affect our daily lives because the same politicians are able to make laws to restrict you and therefore shaping new behaviors. Of course, no one has a business with my household but then the rule, do not spank your children if they get naughty, the law now enforces itself in your private space and taking the control you have of your children. Then in the school, a confused male child would be talking to the teachers who are able to let law enforcement such as social workers onto you when you try to shape him to be a man. “If you are comfortable being a girl my boy, your parents have no right to stop you”.

With all the systems put in place, an obvious fact remains that we live in a very racist world and when a child lives in it, it becomes very limited and so do the imaginations which are important for the child to be creative in order to survive in the world. We view racism as an attitude of hate towards every black person but it is not really hate. Racism is a strategy to dominate over scarce resources. When we view the condition of South Africa, dams are owned by mostly white families meaning most resources are privately owned. Parks and spacious fields are also privately owned therefore should you need to hunt, to fish or for your children to just explore, you need to ask for permission from those who own what was once available to everyone.

As black people we are so relaxed as if we are not facing any problems. The color of the African skin is being assassinated on a daily basis while some are waiting for Jesus to come back and destroy the racists but that is not a reality for now. Our media is out of hand including those that used to be trusted as they keep harboring demoralized characters. Our elders are not taking their time to teach their grandchildren as well as those in the broader community about our customs and sadly they are the ones whose bones would be turning in their graves as we celebrate them instead of mourning them after they have passed on in the name of “After Tears” The African nation slides downwards as we let other nations define who they want us to be and it remains, the biggest opponent in a struggle to become a great nation is – a black person.

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