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The Failed Africa

Behavior can be manipulated through rewards. Rewards are a form of control as much as punishment. Positive re-enforcement are the the good things such as houses, wealth etc. “I will give you wealth and all the riches if you say you don’t care about color and you should see yourself relating to us.” That’s positive re-enforcement. Sounds like Maimane and Mashaba, doesn’t it? Oh lets not forget the ANC as after democracy, the power relations never changed. The economy is still in the hands of a few. It is a psychological conditioning. A Negative re-enforcement is to release a person from a painful situation if that person agree to the rules and regulations of the punisher. This is a form of social Control.
Two countries are great examples of these kind of re-enforcement. South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Nations and people don’t have permanent friends but they have permanent interests. Nations cannot marry into each other either. People often confuse their personal relationships with group relationships. Chinese are loyal to Chinese. Asians are loyal to Asians. Arabs to arabs. Africans? They are loyal to everyone else except African.
Marcus Garvey says “A strong man is strong everywhere” Why is that?
Whenever an Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian gets mistreated in a country not of their descendants, they have a support of their nations. Their nations are able to pull strings to make sure the country takes care of their people. Why is it South Africa has respect for everyone else except the people who are the real owners of their land? This is the matter of investments to South Africa. When a black person gets disrespected, which African country makes sure a black person never suffers again? None. What goes for the mother, so goes for her children. Power is given in continents not individuals. How often you see Chinese people in non-Chinese jails? How often do you see an Asian beggar? They have the backing of their continents. Blacks are in the jails of the caucasians, the arabs, the chinese. They are all over the world.

Let’s look at the recent black Monday strike by white farmers. Should it have been proven true that the was a “farmer genocide”, what do you think was going to happen? We have seen it happening before that when a black minister who is not supported by the world bank and it’s investors starts speaking, the rand fell. If everything was in their favor, the rand picked up. Remember Zimbabwe? Africa is held economically hostage. There is no such thing as shortage of food. There is no such thing as an African country to be declared a junk status yet the same people with the declaration they continue to invest in the minerals and resources of the country. They all depend on the nation they despise. Africa, it is the time you reconsider your priorities. Are you ever going to be for yourself or are you always going to keep being for everyone else?

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