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The Devil’s Incarnates -Slave Markets

The ancestors of the previous ENSLAVERS reincarnated in their living descendants. We know how Africa has found itself adopting foreign religions. It was not out of love but through slaughter. Adapt or die. We have African Spirituality then we have alien religions and each religion is not just a religion but it promotes the culture of the nation that grooms it. Christianity is groomed by Europeanism. Wherever they went, wars, poverty, diseases followed them. They were never a nation of peace even when representing God. When you view what they claim to be civilisation, it’s not. It is a culture. They have a tendency of saying to other people, “ours is supreme, yours is inferior”
Islam is groomed by Arabism. Take your child to an Islamic school and the first thing they will teach him is to pray God in Arabic. It is no different to Europeanism. Christianity, they understand the bible further in English. I don’t have to say much about that. You cannot separate religion from the culture that grooms it.

So someone saw a need for free labour in Libya and when you observe the
Libyan crisis where the DESCENDANTS of the FORMER ENSLAVERS are selling off black people to work in farms in some unknown places which the media is not clear as to WHERE. Donald Trump tried to brush off the slavery news claiming CNN to be broadcasting fake news. We all know Muammar Gaddafi was one of the enemies of the United States. Just like before Mugabe was overthrown, it was no coincidence that the FBI was in South Africa at the same time that the fired Zimbabwean deputy president was here.

When you look at the media coverage of the Libyan situation, it’s not as big as the headline “Zuma met the Guptas”. It’s not as big as when an African (Whose ancestors are black) disrespects power of other groups. However, if you look at the large number of immigrants being sold, it becomes clear that there are more people who benefit from this than meets the eye.
Therefore we look, those Arabs selling Africans to work in farms, who is being supplied by those farms and what’s the relationship status with other power structures.

When someone wants to stay in power, he cannot always use all he has for that so therefore there is always a need to exploit someone and unfortunately Africans are always falling victim to exploitation.

Ever heard of elders comparing a child’s behaviour to that of an ancestor who used to do exactly what that child is doing. Take for example, the ancestor who used to have his whisky with a certain amount of water or Coca-Cola and years later, his descendant who has never met him does the same. It is no coincidence. We can, through studies try to define those certain behaviours but the fact is, the spirits of our ancestors live within us. Their pains, fears, fantasies are within us. Their DNA is part of us. Those that were evil, their souls are not resting. They always try to attach themselves to continue with their evil ways. Why is it in this day, there are people who still yearn for the return of apartheid? This is the same reason that in the workplace, the white executive who earns R444 000, a black person earns R99 000. As black people are sitting, relaxing there are groups of people training their children under the name, “self-defense” and we all know, they are training against black people. With all that said, all these groups that have enslaved Africans previously can still do it.

As Africans we have a tendency of “forgive and forget” and in forgetting, we forgot the saying “a Leopard never changes its spots”. With the black communities going further backwards and demoralised, the same people are putting laws to say “do not spank your child” and more lawless children will be produced. A new law of trans-genderism is also under way where you will see a grown ass man using female toilets. As further demoralised we get, the more justifications other groups will come up with to control Africans. They will be saying they really behave like baboons and of course, for a man out of his mind, he would of course behave like an animal and a restless animal needs to be put in chains. Therefore BLACK PROBLEMS ARE NECESSARY FOR THE SURVIVAL OF OTHER GROUPS AND NATIONS.

A question remains, apartheid is still high of course but when we came out of slavery, what have Africans done to ensure noone takes us to to that situation again? Nothing. Not a single African country stood up. Not even the African Union. Of course, they are also funded by the same previous slave owners. SO, THEY ARE ALSO POWERLESS.

Just a reminder, we have diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, but also woods and tropical fruits.
Others cannot do without the copper for wiring their cellphones and airplanes. Everything is on the mother continent

These previous weeks, Black Africans SHOULD have sent a message. The economic structures all these alien groups depends on, should have came to a standstill. Tools were supposed to be put down and challenge the Arabs, the Chinese, the Caucasians, the greens, pinks, oranges and anyone else who feels they have a shot with Africans that should such happen again, we will break all hell loose. This is not for one country but the whole continent to stand up and anyone who is not African and is against that is welcome to pack and go to the land of their ancestors including the coons, they can follow their masters who know very well that without Africa, they are nothing. We need to send that message that we are no longer the Africans of yesterday. Military and political science studies and education in its entirety in Africa must be restructured by strictly BLACK AFRICANS on the context of protecting the interests of blacks.

The Libyan situation is just a taste of what is possibly to come to the rest of the continent. Give a dog a taste of a new delicacy and watch it yearning for more. Someone has a taste and should the situation lessen, black immigrants in Libya will be on the same category as drugs – silently smuggled to the slave markets.

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