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The African Redefined Man

There comes a time when men have to struggle with other men to feed their own. There comes a time when resources are scarce that men must be prepared to go to battle with other men to gain control. Europeans came to Africa in a hunt for resources. They attacked other men and established themselves over Africans.They built themselves armies to protect themselves and dared other men to challenge them. In the African society when we depended on cattle, boys wrestled against each other and against cattle and was not seen as a man until he was able to defeat the other boy and get hold of the cow fought for. That is also the law of nature up to this day. Look at the animal kingdom where animals mark their own territories and dares others to challenge them. The mating season where the defeated male won’t be able to mate with the female in question.

A man was designed for struggle and war. It was a social definition to be a man. There is a difference between a male and man. Boys were be trained to be men. A man is a nurturer of his people by protecting children, family, community and ultimately he protects his culture.
What it means to be a man must be defined by a group. When you study African history, you will see a boy became a man when he showed and demonstrated his ability to feed and doing what is necessary to maintain the life of his people. When they hunted, he would bring a larger portion of his kill to his mother and say, “just as you fed me when I was a boy, now I have arrived at the point that I can feed you. Manhood was related to the term,” producer”. A boy moved into manhood when he moved from the position of being a consumer into a position of being able to cater for his people. Out of being defined by other nations, an African man has permitted himself to be defined through his consumption not production. He goes around killing his own people to be able to buy shoes. He takes loans in order to fight his own people and buy off houses that have people living in them through connections and he gets satisfied to have won against the one who couldn’t fight back. He buys poison to sell to his own children in the community. He becomes a menace to the very life of his people. Women and children no longer see a man as a source of protection.If the social definition of a man is not defined correctly then the men become anti-social. It is necessary we redefine what it means to be a man.

Black men must come to realize that in order to survive, if they have to struggle with any other race, they have to be prepared for that struggle and win. Those who don’t decide on that path will die the death of cowards and will join their own enemies in the killing of themselves and destroying their own people to the point of extinction. When you look at our black DA mayor who is supposed to work for the people, he is against black organisations. Same reasons he will attack black vendors through the use of metro police, the vendor associations would stand up against that, the situation calms down for a few months then he strikes again. One of the major reasons why there is so much violence among us us because a black man is no longer a great value in the society as it used be. His use is diminishing completely.

Raising young boys was never the responsibility of only the biological father but the responsibility of all responsible adult males in the community. In this day and age, 90% of boys are raised by single mothers with very little assistance from uncles, grandfathers etc. And most of these ladies, through their previous encounters with males, over time they have developed some generalized hatred towards all men. With that kind of attitude, hatred is groomed in those house holds and it’s passed down to others to view all men as the same. She would then raise a boy as she sees fit. Then boys become little princesses.
And for some women, exposing their sons to the multi-male encounters hence we see all the names women are called these days.

Men used to take their boys camping, hunting, learning about nature, tree climbing etc but as they went on those fun trips, responsible males learned the boys’ behaviors and in turn were able to teach them how to treat women and their brothers. If they found fruits, that they must take a few back home for his siblings. Men used to share and used to be role models to young boys.
If we could manage to take back our communities and show young ones what they see on television screens is totally wrong. Develop them strategically and that will be then be the time we will see men who will be developed to take this nation to where it is supposed to be and this is the reason other nations through their media, they work hard to feminize our boys because if they become men, they will be a threat to their systems. Men will be strategic and will develop their own art of war. Men will be able to fund their own media. Men will be able to take back their women and form back a very powerful and feared organisation of our ancestors – A black family structure

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