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Spiritual Poverty in Religion

Religion has produced cowards. It teaches people to be comfortable with oppression or any other wrongs. This is the reason churches are not involved in social transformation in their communities. This is an institution that used to be revolutionary. Even Jesus was revolutionary and pharisees never liked him.
Dogs only bark on a moving car. He threatened the government. He threatened the kings. He threatened the pharisee, the preachers of the time. Jesus was a taboo in his time. He even accused the church of playing harlot with the kings in those times. Yes, Jesus called the church a Prostitute!

Judges 16:4-5, The famous Samson and Delilah Verse:
Now afterward it happened that [Samson] loved a woman in the Valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah. And the lords of the Philistines came up to her and said to her, “Entice him, and find out where his great strength lies, and by what means we may overpower him, that we may bind him to afflict him; and every one of us will give you eleven hundred pieces of silver.”
What did missionaries do when they arrived in Africa. One of them went back to report to his bosses, “Their spirituality is very intact. They have very high morals. The only way, we dumb down their systems, we give them our ideologies. We make them see what’s ours as a way” We all know missionary churches that exist today. They have nothing to do what Christ used to do. They use our own people to preach to us. To make us sleep. They are not a threat to anyone.
Furthermore in the book of Revelations, a prostitute is portrayed as influencing nations, sitting on many waters and with diverse languages. Think hard about this.
The Dutch Reformed Church partnered with the apartheid government and up to today there are people who think the relationship between black people and white people is that of slave and master? Remember the lodge owner who couldn’t accept black people in his place?

The church is paid to shut up through police brutality, people abusing their powers. They do not serve the needs of the communities at large. When have you seen churches on strike against murders, rapes, against the media that’s transforming our children to be immoral?What is holy about this church? A holistic church is involved in every human aspect for their members. You cannot be in church then go pay a psychologist for counselling. For a person to be complete spiritually and to be holy, one has to be married and blessed by God to reproduce more holy children. Is the church holy when it supports the marriage of the positive charge with the positive charge? Is the church holy when it doesn’t teach the identity of the nation. Is it holy when it does not preach against pregnancy before marriage? No, your church is not holy.

From the beginning of time the characters we see from the bible and in real life , from Jesus to Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammed, King Shaka, Isaaih Shembe, they had the same mandate, TO TRANSFORM THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE though it is said, in order to uplift a black man’s life, the biggest opponent is a …. black man.

The spirit of black people cry and call out to it’s maker. The mind cannot figure out but the spirit knows. Why is it all over the world, when black people start a new community. It may be a squatter camp but the first thing they establish is a Church? Why is it you find Africans in fields? Why is the European church becoming irrelevant?
Remember 2016, The Sowetan newspaper went on a witch-hunt with the CRL commission wanting to count how many people are worshipping in open fields, who is worshipping in the bathrooms, who is on top of mountains and trees trying to find God? Ms Thoko Mkhwanazi Xaluva of the CRL commission further went on further to say “what happened to the time when we used to go to a Church, listen to the bible and cry and sing then go home? MS Xaluva, your definition of a church is the dumbed down version and it’s not African. Your church doesn’t cater for the Spirit of those seeking answers to their lives. Faith is individual for everyone and mostly adults. If an adult is convinced to eat grass, let him be. He is an adult. It’s his choice and it’s what he finds relevant for himself. I know myself I wouldn’t touch a snake and as an adult, I know no matter what the pastor says, I have my limits. That is decisions we make as ADULTS, Ms Xaluva. What you find as truth for yourself cannot be always a truth for the person next to you. The African church uses nature. The African church uses ancestors. The African church’s main guide is the spirit not just the bible but the book is also important for reference. Ms Xaluva, your drive to get the piece of the pie laying on the government budget as billions of rands for religion must be frustrating for you and your religious friends. I hope your ancestors have not abandoned you yet

Jesus sat with prostitutes. He sat with taxman. He sat with everyone and even those who did not want to associate with him walked on his shadows as they needed guidance. Your church thinks they are better than a poor person coming into your church. Your church is not a Church of God but your people put themselves in the position of God and judge others.

If for some reason Jesus had to come now, would he recognize this “Christianity”. A new term should be associated with churches that are only focused only on their church. I call their movement, Churchianity and only Churchians are their members.


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