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Politics blinds Africa’s reality

Take a moment and think about South Africa and the whole of Africa as a corporation.Take this country as a bank. A Mega Bank. Foreign countries plant billions and billions of dollars, euros, yens and any currencies you could think of and in turn they gain trillions of rands back to their countries. Every corporation depends on the same people it despises.
There is a massive difference between freedom and emancipation. Freedom means you do everything other groups do, when, where and how they do it. Then there is emancipation. That is a transfer of power from one hand to the other. Black bourgeoisie South Africans are given the opportunity to front. They have no real interests of the people but they value the relationships they have with other groups. Your leaders value things over lives. Comrades of the ‘stomach”.
Black people are 80% in the population of this country meaning they should be having control of 80% of resources, the banks, the shops. I mean everything.
So Mandela came out of prison and advocated for “voting” to calm people. The struggle of those who fought the system and died fighting for it became vain as no land was returned. No economy was equalized for all people whether black, green, pink, yellow. It remained on the few that have always controlled it during apartheid.
They won all the stuff that does not benefit the majority of the people. Voting, gay and lesbian sexuality rights, to marry outside of your race, etc. No black banks. No black airlines. No black schools with quality education. Nothing. Even the country out of 5000 dams, it owns 360 of them while the rest are unknown as to who owns them. We don’t own any natural resources

The country is a mega bank and everyone is fighting for the CEO position. We are watching as they want the piece of the cake trying to prove themselves to their masters, with no regard to lives. Mashaba putting everyone who doesn’t see as he sees behind jail. Corruption in ALL parties is the order of the day. The constitution is not adjusted for everyone who lives in South Africa since the establishment of the so-called democracy and when you are poor you are trash. They do not even spend a day with the communities they have to serve except close to election time. And when they have to find out what is happening in the Communities, they ask their celebrity friends or read about it in newspapers.

The “Land” political parties are pushing the narrative of “land without compensation”. This is a very sensitive issue and quite unrealistic. We have to remember there is nowhere in the world where “captured” people had signed paper and got land back. I salute your work paper revolutionaries! In order to gain something, you sacrifice. In this day, you have to spend (sacrifice), You don’t just sign paper. Land has always been through weaponry and loss of blood. But with the new South Africa, we have to be realistic. It is not for us. Slavery still lives within us and it portrays itself through the fear to fight injustices. We have to be realistic in such issues and everyone who lives in South Africa has to engage in order to find solutions.

I’m yet to see a political party that’s preaching what it does. It’s all talk with no action. Johannesburg is scattered with lands both in townships and urban areas. Private companies are filling those spaces with their shopping centers of which it will be us supporting them and around suburbs more companies and institutions by private companies obviously not benefiting any black person are being erected. These parties have people who are following them. If the issue about land was serious, we would be seeing these political parties securing land for its members to build structures for the black communities. They would be buying off buildings that are for sale and the rest shall follow.

Do not be convinced by parties advocating land without action. The narrative of “jobs” has run dry as we all know who really has jobs. Ĺand is a new strategy and in a few years, we shall realize it’s all fantasies just as jobs.

Where do we as South Africans go to next? There are those who praise the glories of the past. There are those who say they were not there and why are they being discriminated against.
There are also those who say it’s all the past and we should just get along…
Is it possible? I doubt it.

When everyone developed, Africans were kept as babies through slavery and apartheid while they all secured everything under the sun and when they got released, they had to start all over again. Babies learning to walk. Everyone else has legacies of almost 400 years and how long we have been free to also build for ourselves….just about 60 years.

If we are to move along, it is a duty of every citizen not concerned with only their livelihood but another person. “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself”, as Christians would say and that’s exactly was the mandate of Christ. You have to prove yourself you mean it. Christ was not all talk with no action but you have to do it yourself. We have to come to a point where we forget politics. We forget religion, though never confuse that with spirituality. You forget who you have personal relationships with. We have to establish a nation within a nation while they fight among each other. We have seen it in 23 years that not a single person got politics right. In order for there to be a politician, there has to be those who suffer as politicians are in favor of one group over another. However, if they have to exist, the politics must transform. They don’t transform as how the English, the Chinese, Arabs see fit but they have to transform in our own terms as to how as South Africans want. We have seen farm marches, we have seen the marches against Zuma to step down. To move along, lets see the same people fighting European banks and any other institution that is in favor of one group while raising prices for other groups then should we perfect that, then Mandela’s dream of the rainbow nation will be achieved.

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