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Owning and Personalising God

The concept of God is not for a human mind to grasp for people to be divided because of what name to call God. Limiting the number of names to what has been written in books and to certain languages is to limit God to what he can do. It reduces Him. If we look at the Name Emmanuel which means “God with us” and can be translated to different names according to a race. “Nkosi inathi”, “Thixo Unathi” and someone else say “Unathi” to shorten it. When we look at a dictionary, a name can have a dozen synonyms of which those synonyms have other names behind them meaning one word can have hundreds of words behind it.
When someone or something is so close to your heart, we tend to personalize what we call that thing or person. I have my own little farm and my animals know me very well. It’s not real animals but that’s my nephew, niece and little sister. I call them with pet names and with me naming them, I have power to control them and the relationship is amazing. Should I call them with their real names, they know they are in trouble.
Some call God Yahweh. Some call him Allah. Some call him Jehovah. One group says “No, the correct name for God is THE ONLY ONE we call him”. “We are worshiping a True God and you are all going to hell”? The judgments! Are we really serious? Have we noticed that every prophet in the Bible, the Quran, and every other religion had a mandate for their own nations. If you read between the lines, you will learn that they all came in times their nations needed guidance. Being African and believing that God’s name is only in English, Arabic, Jewish is actually a worship of other nations not of God. It is names that were given to God by those nations to understand him in a better context.
Lets look at the creation of men. God had already created nature. On creation of mankind, God says to humans “name the animals as you wish”. He did not name everything himself. What was God doing?
He was giving humans power over nature and with them naming everything, people managed to control the animals and the relationship between man and nature was personalized.
This is the reason spiritual people say “Faith is individual.” Everyone is on their own journey to know God and to establish a relationship with God in their own context as in how God has shown himself to them, what he has done to them and how he has established a connection with them.

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