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Ignored Media Symbolism and Alien Arrogance

When someone has been made to forget history, they forget every aspect of themselves such as how their ancestors used to conquer their enemies and how they arranged their systems for survival to the next generations. Take two Eskimos one with experience and one without any experience. A new Eskimo will see the snow as just snow but the experienced snowman will tell you the different grades of snow, an estimate of how long it’s been there and therefore he is able to tell you what is beyond the snow. It won’t be just snow.

For Africans, every book is just a book. The Afrikaans conquered the Zulus, okay, lets move to the next issues without checking to see what mistakes were made and what achievements. And so goes with some movies we watch. We view them as just movies while we are being told about our history. We are afraid to face ourselves as the cowards that we are. Because our history is sad. It is shameful. And the Europeans are so arrogant to put it on our faces to say, “yes, we do it and there is nothing you can do about it”. FEAR! It is painful and we have fears that we think we can no longer solve our problems. We have two movies to look at, namely: Avatar and War of the Planet of the apes.

Review of the War of the Planet of the Apes: Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless colonel (Woody Harrelson). After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both of their species and the future of the planet.

The movie starts off with an ambush by the Colonel and on his army, he is accompanied by a few apes of which one of them is called “Donkey”. This is an European thing to give titles and Africans love it. The word “donkey” made him forget he was an ape and he associated himself with the enemy because the enemy made him feel good about himself. He lived in a beautiful bunker and could shake hands with the master. Ceasar asks him “why are you letting them call you donkey?, you will always be an ape, you think they won’t kill you when they are done with you?” And eventually, they killed him without any trial. He was shot instantly the minutes he disobeyed. What do we usually say, “don’t judge me of my colour”, “do not see me black”, “See me as another human just like you”.
Right at the end Ceasar says ” The apes are strong, with or without me”. Ceasar is an Ape politician. That meant we are strong with or without any politicians.

What happens when the “salary class” gets promoted? They obtain big titles with their degrees, phd’s, certificates and you now recognize them with their professions. We call them Doctor, Professor, Senior, mayor, president, etc. It’s endless titles. As soon as they have gained those titles, the Township that grew them, the friends they grew up with, the family that raised them are no longer relevant and they won’t find any reason to build in those communities. The only thing maybe they can still come to those places is to seek out business from the same people who are irrelevant in his life and whatever they make, they spend with those they are in the same class with.
“Donkey” also represents the middle class blacks as well as the police, military officers. This represents the kind of education black people receive. Education of Servitude. Education of Obedience. When you decide to serve your country, they don’t take anyone with criminal records. You will have to be clean all your life and when they “cook” you, you don’t question their commands. Talk about the end of the world, it will be destroyed by the most law abiding citizens. The more educated they get, the more destructive they become. More destructive weapons will be made. The more they won’t care about anyone as long as they can achieve the needs of the master.

Before The end of the movie, we see the apes have conquered the system and as they look, a new army advances to reign then nature takes over. The ice starts sliding off destroying all armies as the apes hold on to the trees. Have you realized that everywhere that major mining activities take place, more disasters happen? Just like your bones hold your body upright, every tissue holds your organs, so goes for every mineral resources that are dug up on the daily basis, they are digging the very bones that holds the earth we walk on everyday. You can see on the “Star Wars” movie with the exploration of other galaxies, once the world tears apart followed by major disasters, they are building their alternative homes in outer space and in these movie, with the inclusion of robots and animals, they make it clear there won’t be any multiracial systems. In fact, there won’t be any black man unless with the current experiments to develop zombies where they have taken dead dogs and try to revive them in labs. Who knows, maybe we will be zombified to work in the future.

Th colonel says to the leader ape, “A virus has spread across wiping out everyone to turn to primates. I am doing what I can to save humankind, there are a lot of you and eventually you will treat us as your cattle” what does that mean? Black people are 90% of the world population and Europeans are 10% all over the world. Black people are genetically dominant/superior. When you mate with any other colour as a black person, Eventually your grand grand children in the next generation become black. Therefore black men are a threat to the survival of Europeans. This is the reason when everyone else during slavery was hung but to an African man, they went a further step and lynched him.

Then as gentlemen as we are, we are so accommodating. After the little girl has lost her dad, the apes take her along and she learns their ways and eventually she becomes a “little messiah” to bring light to the ape leader in distress and the whole ape community. That is the same strategy as screened on “Avatar” two years ago. Jake Sully learned the ways of the tribes. He became one of them and eventually became a “white messiah”. He became the “Jesus” of that tribe and when he came back riding the dragon beast, they were actually worshiping him as the only one different from all his evil colleagues.

The Avatar movie was just a perfect example how Africa was conquered. Our ancestors used to go weeks and months to connect with the superior being. When we were one with nature, we knew ourselves. We could cure ourselves of any diseases. God guided our ancestors to know herbs and trees and every other plant and animals. Brain surgeries were performed by our ancestors before the ships arrived in Africa. Of course, skulls were discovered and scholars were amazed at the accuracy without using any modern equipment.

The General says to his counterparts, “We will strike them where it hurts the most” and their first spot of attack was the place of worship and yes, it did hurt the most. They got lost and didn’t know what to do until Jake Sully came back. It is so worrying that eventually with all the unbelief going around, making our ancestors seem as they were crazy to worship this “imaginary friend” but this imaginary friend worked for our ancestors and they had all the answers until the missionaries managed to disconnect them from God and it’s a pity we no longer have elders to take us back to were we went wrong. Eventually, after blaming God and everything and everyone else around us, the same Europeans will come back to teach us Africans on how to connect with our ancestors and God and we will be paying them for it. They are busy perfecting African Spirituality. The missionaries couldn’t be bringing us “Jesus” as our prophets were already preaching about “unyana ka thixo” way before the missionaries arrived. Learn about your own prophets to learn the truth. Google prophet Ntsikana who had been baptizing and missionaries were amazed how he knew of baptism as he was illiterate and the bible had never arrived before.

We need to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors and to look at what we are not doing for ourselves in order to turn the beast around and to raise ourselves to be a powerful nation. We need to look beyond the painted picture to understand the intention of that visual.

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