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Identity Crisis – Stuck in the Wilderness

The first law of nature is the survival of an animal’s own and secure what is needed for the next generation. Be it in water, land or air, that’s a principle for every living animal in the world. Nature is a reflection of how to live. The black nation instead of planning on it’s survival, production and reproduction, we are content to be just alive. As we conclude the year, we often reflect on what we need to change individually while we overlook on what needs to change collectively. In actual fact, we plan on what to buy from other groups to prove ourselves to them how free we are while we empower them through consumption on ways to keep ourselves oppressed. When you fail to define yourself, other people will define what they need you to be and therefore you are shaped to be backwards and serve according to their interests and nothing for your own. Whenever someone fails to see reality of their current situation, he fails to plan on how to move forward. His progress is blocked. A strategy used on white supremacy or any other supremacy by other groups is to make the conquered an accomplice in his own oppression. A black man is at war against himself.

Failure to learn history or simply to remember our own history means we have lost part of ourselves which is the essential part of planning and organizing ourselves in terms of how we relate to each other and other groups. We used to plan our own ways of eating. We planned our own events in our own terms. Eventually we became zombies or what we call “lab rats” and behavior was controlled and they created taste, personalities, attitudes where everything that comes from them will seem as the ultimate while it worked against us. We accepted all the poisons of the world hence we see all the food take away shops in each and every corner around us, the dangerous substances made for “fun” such as cigarettes and alcohol. When you think backwards, you love the things that destroy you while you are arrogant to the sadness all around you.

An American burger chef, in 2015 proved that the McDonald’s burgers were unsafe for human consumption but good enough as dog food (http://healthycures.org/hamburger-chef-jamie-oliver-proves-…), those news were never on mainstream media and that’s a world-wide franchise of which globally consumers were supposed to be re-assured that their burgers are safe and they get tested by independent scientists. Oh sorry, we don’t have any for Africans. However this is what I meant by saying we eat all the poisons of the world.

There are more Africans who are blaming God for the suffering of Africa. There are also people who are thinking that prayers will save Africans. However, the rule of prayer is that God cannot respond to what he has already provided solutions for. Firstly, he has given us brains to solve problems. Secondly, a continent very rich in minerals and if we put our minds to it, we can regain control of each and every resource that is supposed to belong to us. It is not a curse to be African. Thirdly, the bible talks about love. “love your neighbor as you love yourselves”. Imagine with enough love around us how many people can be taken care of and would leave their criminal lives. Of course, you cannot give out money to everyone but he, who needs food can get it from neighbors and that person can also be of help to the community that takes care of him. When you look around Johannesburg CBD , especially Park Station and around Carlton Center – Caucasian and Indian brothers and sisters who are beggars do not last more than two months on the streets. Their own people cannot afford that shame and they take care of their own. it’s what we call brotherly love. Through our self-hatred, we promote criminality as we don’t give our children alternative ways.

I would like to toy around with another perspective of the biblical story of Moses to the promised land. God equipped Moses with wonders and miracles to prove himself to the people he was sent to save. A new movement was formed consisting of twelve tribes and they called themselves the Israelites. When you follow all leaders sent by God, they have always somehow to bring tribes together. God promised them a new place filled with wonders however despite all the proof brought forward, not everyone was convinced of this God and of Moses being a leader. The first thing God did to his new nation was call them to the mountain and form a new culture which was different from what they were used to. “Do not worship other gods”. “You will eat this kind of food on specific occasions”. “honor your parents”. ” Do not marry into other nations”, etc. It becomes very clear that their journey took 40 years and all along they were stuck in the wilderness. While Moses was up on the mountain, the people went back to their pasts. They worshiped other gods. They were a stubborn nation. Their culture was still mixed with other cultures with foreign(other nations not tribes) husbands and wives. In other words, their enemies was among them and they couldn’t move forward. God had to sift between these people taking only those with characters preferred by Him. Even when there was a promised land, they had to work hard for it therefore God needed courageous people who had a vision. We conclude that the story, cowards stayed and died in the wilderness and the leader himself, being delayed by vision-less people, he forgot the God he served and died along with the others. He never saw the promised land.

We are a continent influenced and married into other nations and intermixed with their cultures. Self-Identity determines behavior and self-esteem and as long as we don’t have our own institutions to be responsible for our own interests, we are still going to be stuck in the wilderness for another 400 years and the future generations, say a 100 years from now, your lone heroes such as Mandela will be claimed by other nations as theirs as they did for Jesus. The ANC, The EFF, The DA and all these parties we have have no institutions for blacks and they are all funded by other nations. He who pays the bill, runs the show. Until you fund your own candidates, you are going nowhere. These current candidates we are not even sure where their loyalty lies and we are motivated to give them votes for their personalities and who speaks a lot. Black man are you serious?

When we look at our ancient cultures,we see that our ancestors patterned their own ways of survival, spiritually and physically and those ways were passed down to other generations. They had their diets. Ever heard elders selecting parts of a chicken or lamb saying that part cannot be eaten by boys or women, etc? Relationships were influenced by the community and there was no serial impregnator without consequences. They had their own economic systems and proper planning of trading with other tribes. When we are tired of domination, we will stand and take care of business but until then, we are just comfortable with economic racism and all treatments we get from other nations.

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