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Government for all?

We all know illegal mining is dangerous. However there is a massive problem with the South African leadership. Be it Anc, be it Da or any party.
Take for example, you will be funded for dancing. You will be funded for singing. You will be funded to participate in sports. Basically all funding when it comes to a black person, it is focused on the useless “hobbies”. It is never anything that will upgrade the living conditions of the people. If funding is released for serious business, it is usually for the elite few. Those who are in the same circle.

When it comes to mining, the same should apply. It is not a security threat to the country for a person who is trying to make a living by mining, be it illegal or not but that skill should be identified by the government as that of those who are SKILLED. After their skills are identified, the next best thing is to improve their living conditions, empower them to afford machinery and more skills and then make them recognised in the national database. We have heard cases where there were discoveries of new natural resources, however experts had to come from foreign countries to inspect the sites.

When someone is referred to as a “national threat”, it means they have a potential of disturbing the lifestyles of the elite. We have seen the actions of the City of Johannesburg. They are about protecting their interests and there is nothing much about working for the people.

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