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Caught up in Self-hatred – The love out of hatred

Politics and Religion are two different things but of the same calibre. Politicians used religion to capture Africa. These are tools people are so obsessed with but they are like any other drug to escape reality. Most churches don’t preach about nationhood and the history of how the modern day Christianity and Islam came about in Africa.
Also it teaches people to relax and pray while others are on hard labor. Same goes with the African politics. They have managed to convince people that with just a vote, everything can change. Fairy tales are sold and people are buying them. Just like drugs, you attend long sermons and political talks, feel good for that few minutes in church and when you go out, you are again faced with poverty. No Jesus to give you food. No God to provide shelter. Your pastor’s crutch is his bible. He doesn’t talk to God.

Unfortunately in politics, you find out you have been masturbating on a fantasy for almost 5 years hoping things will change. In simple terms, false realities are sold and people never learn from the mistakes of the past. Black people love alternatives than working hard to achieve a common goal. A politician tells you to vote for him and jobs will be provided. We all know that’s a difficult one to create 5 million jobs. What is the alternative of voting? You have to work hard. You have to sacrifice and in order to change your living conditions, we have to buy our freedom. The Europeans, Arabs, Asians, they understand the concept except Africans. The reality is that anyone who is funded by the same people who oppress black people cannot bring any change. We have witnessed it with the African Union. There were no real solutions in countries with political and economical crises. For Africans to come out of the difficult situations we face today, we have to come to a point where we finance our own candidates just like appointing an attorney and he will be directed by the crowd what to target and what we need as people. That candidate whenever we need to buy something, he will front in the interest of black people. That person makes sure that we get the best deals and not be treated as second class. He ensures that as Africans or that particular group of Africans is never treated as second class citizens.

There are two kinds of love. Love from Love and Love from Hatred. Love from love permits others to grow. You recognize others as equals. In a real Christian doctrine, Jesus says “Love others as you love yourself” therefore in a Godly nation where there is no hatred, there is no one who suffers. Therefore if you don’t love your neighbor (brother/sister), you don’t love yourself.
Love out of hate, is a selfish love. It is the kind of love where you succeed at the expense of others. It is a degrading love. You don’t love your neighbor. You just succeed on your own without any care for the one next to you. The missionaries came through bringing an “European God” and in turn, they brought through destruction. A “Christian” nation wouldn’t produce weapons to harm others.

When you are caught up in Self-hatred, you become blind to parts of yourself and eventually LOVE the things that destroy you. When I say “you”, it’s not only you as an individual but you are part of a nation, a community. You have your family as well. When you hate yourself, you get blind to parts of yourself. You will hate learning about your history. The terms associated with Africa are “hardships”, “poverty”, “savage”, “unskilled” etc, etc and when you have this visual image associated with those terms, it can be so depressing and in turn seek out distractions to avoid reality. These go in a form of sexual relationships, corruption, thuggish behaviours, over eating, alcoholism to say the least. You get to love the things that
Destroy you. Eventually to escape reality, you associate yourself with people or things that let you feel comfortable in your current situation, even bedding with an enemy.

So recently we participated in an European holiday namely “Thanks Giving” and “Black Friday” and that was on a backdrop of a genocide of native Americans and Africans where they were put off guard and murdered and that was called a Thanksgiving day. It is understood that goods are sold almost half price (the actual un-inflated price). These kind of days shows that it’s not that people don’t have money. They do have but it’s reserved for looks, for alcohol and any kind of joy. Talk about building for communities, suggest building crowd wealth, think about taking R20 and invest in someone who cannot afford, it becomes difficult.
All the brands we supported on black Friday, they don’t invest a single cent in uplifting black people but we supported them anyway. There are women who sell vegetables on the streets at very reasonable prices but we prefer going to a high class shop to buy at double the price. Why? Because we hate anything that’s Africa. We hate to promote Africa. We hate being Africans and anything that’s about African, including our children. And anything that seems uplifting but from a black person gets shot down. We cannot invest in building our own schools. We don’t save for their education. We are a handout nation. We love depending on other people and wonder why we are disrespected.

Take a boy begging on the street corners. Never mind the drugs, never mind what he does but say a group of people came together with an intention of funding him to have food, to have clothing and in turn he does their gardens, washes their cars or they exchange him for services in their companies. With the same concept, it can be applied with every unemployed youth. That means there won’t be any single mother surviving on grants and being used by the demoralised men who sees a desperate woman as a sexual object.
We will have less criminal activities.

It’s time to work. If you claim to be a Godly/Christian nation, lets prove it. This will be the first step in establishing equality and a leap in ensuring a great nationhood without politics or five years from now, with the increasing population, cells will be filled with mothers who shoplifted to feed their kids. 

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