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Africans Must Look out for Themselves

There will come a time when Africans will be economically irrelevant to the Europeans with the automation systems coming very fast. With the illusion of inclusion, they have managed all this time we have lived in fantasies, to find ways and perfect their systems.

The red indians in America were massacred in a day we call a Thanksgiving day and also black Friday as they were not of any benefit to the other group but with Africans, doing all the hard work, they made them travel all the way to the USA and were kept alive as the workforce of those times. Your PhD’s, degrees, diplomas are just paper work to be sure you are the most skilled worker. It doesn’t make you different from the slaves of the past. There were more skilled slaves in those times. The process was to de-skill them and detach them from their community, give him more skills and when he was sold, the more skills he had, the more he was worth. Think of the education of today, you get more qualifications to sell yourself to the descendants of the previous slave owners. How different does that make you from the slave of the 18th century?

When that time comes, there won’t be middle class black men, there won’t be a multi racial society. The poor black men will be destroyed with the rich black men.

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