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Africa, The Sleeping Giant

While the Europeans, Asians, Arabs and other nations are building their systems to advance their own interests, the black man carries their loot while singing “we are marching over to Jerusalem” while failing to realize they are being written off from any economic systems. We have to understand that the success of other nations is simply based on looting of Africa therefore Africa is not supposed to be dependent on anyone but itself. They all depend on Africa. We have to transform our consciousness to transform the future of the universe and how other nations have to deal with us.

We also have to come to realise that racism is becoming a secondary enemy to the survival of the black nation. If racism was to be removed, we’d still be suffering. This is due to the restructuring of the workforce and industries. The number one enemy that is coming is AUTOMATION. With these systems taking over, it is very clear that the black participation in the wealth of other groups is not needed. “We’d rather have them as consumers” so they say in their boardrooms as they discuss the conquest of Africa.

Pick n Pay, Cape Town is currently doing a test run on automated teller machines which it was said it will take around 6 months to perfect the system. Now let’s say this comes to pass, Shoprite and Checkers will follow suit. This will mean over 60% of the people will be unemployed in the next few months. We all know the most of their employees are ladies who are raising little children with no assistance for the biological fathers. Women prisons are filling up with women who were trying to feed and cloth their babies by shoplifting and unfortunately the system has no solutions to make sure it doesnt happen. Then again the system, ensures you WILL NEVER get a job because the criminal record stays on forever, no matter how petty the offence was.

The current generation has a major decision to make. We are ones who will oversee the life or death of Africa. We have to realise we are on a struggle for survival and to ensure we progress into the next century, we have to work hard to cripple systems that work against the black nation. We have to see to it that we survive.

Power is contained in organisation, tactics, intelligence. When you look at the powerful nations, they have organised themselves through grouping each other and through religion.

Elijah Muhammed (Robert Poole) is a perfect example who used religion to break the bonds of oppression. He was a mentor to Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Muhammad Ali. His organisation, Nation of Islam (black Muslim group) owned over 15,000 acres of farmland, their own truck- and air- transport systems, as well as a publishing company that printed the country’s largest Black newspaper. He also established social programs to create opportunities, jobs and transformed the mindsets of his members to do away with consumerism and involve themselves in manufacturing and production.

Through consumption (mode of social behaviour) , we increase our oppression to the point that we involve ourselves in criminal acts to buy products in foreign owned shops.

A pusher starts off by offering a product for free in the streets. He creates taste for a few individuals therefore creating an opportunity for the addict to come back. A market research focuses on a certain age group, location, colour, what the audience likes and dislikes, who they are close to etc then comes advertising to create taste. Through consumerism, Africans are addicts and the addictions and desires maintains the power structure to keep producing from drugs to clothing. In essence this makes even the education to prove useless to black people. His education and skills comes to a point where it loses definition if it has to be applied in black communities but it sees to it that it benefits other groups.

The black upper class is simply a “salary class”. What does that mean? White people are building their own wealth. They are more involved in self development and maintaining power. The English, the French, The Italians etc are different tribes of Caucasians but as much as one may think he is better than the other, they come together for common goals while South Africans are busy in tribalism and xenophobia (legacies of slavery and apartheid)

The individual freedom of buying anywhere, anytime and anyhow is an expression of chaining ourselves. We are dis-investing in our communities therefore supporting other nations to raise their children who won’t see the a need for crime. We are responsible for crimes in our communities. We finance the children of other groups and we are left wondering why ours are involved in thievery, thug behaviors etc.How can you love other children yet not love yours. How can you love other colors yet not love your own. How can you deny to see color in other nations yet you judge your own due to color.

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