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A dividing tool – Religion

The one thing that religion has managed is to divide people. It’s one group of “believers” against the others. The Christians think they are better than the Muslims. The Muslims think their God is the one true God. The born agains (western based churches) against the Traditional African based churches. Then the atheists saying all the above are all sick. With all these, we come to realise these are “institutional egos” that have come to divide families and communities. We have those who reject other members of their families just because they do not attend the same church and anything that is not “biblical” is considered as antichrist, witchcraft and it’s usually things associated to African Traditions.
Jesus was born into a Jewish tradition and from birth, the angel that spoke to his mother, Mary never stopped her to performing Jewish traditions. He even turned water to wine in a Jewish wedding! As he had said, he was never there to overthrow any previous systems but him coming, he was able to purify and transform his followers to follow good cultural practices while teaching them what not to follow.

Atheism itself is a belief! You believe there is no God. You believe in nothing.

Just as God created us differently, what works for one wouldn’t always work for the other. We simply cannot judge each other according to our belief systems if we all claim to be fighting for God’s kingdom.

What is more important for black people is to do away with their egos and balance their self esteem with their racial esteem.
Your blood relationships and your race are more important than what institution you have joined. It is all a choice. You are African before you can be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist etc. You are an African before you join any profession.

Anything and anyone that is so lovable and close to your heart, we often have nicknames for that and so it applies to anyone who truly does believe in God. Some call him Allah. Some call him Yahweh. Our ancestors used to call him Mvelingqangi. We can never have limits to what to call God. He is personal to every individual and not to certain groups. A pastor guides you but he doesnt guarantee you a straight path with God. You secure your own path.

We have to understand that Faith is individual. Faith is a journey. A personal journey. If you are an atheist, it’s your Journey to uncover more that God doesn’t exist but that’s not for everyone of us. Though, oftenly that road may take a turn.
Many have failed to understand that the biblical stories are simply personal journeys of how the Jewish heroes have walked their paths with God, the wars they fought and how spirituality took effect in order to guide them during those times. We are not Jewish. Africa and other nations have different roads to take. You see, scientists and other nations philosophy is that “if you cannot grab it, then it must not be real”. It isn’t so with us. Spirituality is about oneness with God and when we our spirit got separated from God, other nations managed to conquer and for hundreds of years, they have managed to reduce God to only just a book. It is said “if its not in the bible, then it’s not from God”. But they forgot to remove one thing, Jesus said “you will do more than I have”. What if someone does more and it’s not recorded?. We also have to remember that the fathers of the Bible did not have any Bible but they were guided by the Spirit though their encounters with God were written 300 years after the last of the apostles had passed on though everything that was prophecied of their nation became true before that generation had passed on. The father of Christianity said “this generation will not pass away until all these things take place,” Matthew 24-25. I repeat we are not that generation and we are not Jewish. It is very important we start tracing the paths of our Ancestors spirituality in Africa

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